Fuel your fire

Have a passion you want to follow?  

A new career you want to pursue? Financial independence can open

the door to new possibilities.

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Financial independence may not be as far off as you think

See for yourself how much you really need

Retirement calculators and rules of thumb aren’t enough. With Up Adviser we can explore multiple scenarios together- and you can see for yourself what you really need to be financial independent. 

Take a big picture view on making it happen

It’s not just about investing, you need a big picture view of all your financial assets and opportunities. With Up Adviser, I’ll help you manage all your finances.

Secure the future you're building

With Up Adviser we can simulate unwanted events that could disrupt
your plans, and put measures in place
to assure you're well protected.

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About Me

Diane Chew

A financial planner for over 10 years, I help women pursue their passions and build the lives they want through wealth creation and financial independence. I build long-term relationships with clients because I believe effective financial strategy requires a holistic, long-term view.  There are no short-cuts or quick fixes. 

Data security is my highest priority

I know your personal data is precious- Up Adviser takes great precautions protecting it. Including Microsoft Azure Certification, regular third party audits of the system and end-to-end encryption to assure confidentiality.