Ready to retire? See for yourself what you really need.

With our interactive online solution you can explore multiple scenarios for achieving  your retirement goal and see for yourself what you really need to get there.

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Plan and secure your retirement dream

How much is enough?

Explore different goals and dreams and see for yourself what you really need to have the retirement you want. Start Now

How do you get there?

Look at different options for funding your retirement dream and choose the strategy that’s best for your unique situation. Start Now

Is it secure?

Review different scenarios to see how unwanted events could disrupt your plans and whether or not you’re protected. Start Now

A better way to work with your adviser

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Consult an expert from FW Group

The role of FW Group in PromiseLand is to leverage the experience and expertise of both companies to offer investors a bespoke, high-end wealth management solution, covering the full spectrum of Singapore’s financial services. Speak to one of our advisers about your plan.


Data security is our highest priority

We know your personal data is precious, so we take great precautions protecting it. Including Microsoft Azure Certification, regular third party audits of our system and end-to-end encryption to assure confidentiality.

See for yourself now.


FW Group is a group of PromiseLand Independent Pte Ltd a Financial Adviser licensed by Monetary Authority of Singapore.