Do you have the insurance coverage that's right for you?

Should you have your own private insurance policy? What’s the right amount of coverage? See for yourself what you really need with our interactive online solution and find the policy that’s right for you.

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See for yourself what you really need

Get the big picture

Get a comprehensive view of your finances to understand the type of insurance and policy that’s best for your unique financial situation and goals.  Start Now

Are you covered?

Simulate multiple scenarios to see if you have adequate protection for unforeseen events and what you need to secure and protect the future. Start Now

'What if I have cover through my company benefits package- do I still need my own private policy?'

This is a common question. Ask yourself, does your workplace guarantee your permanent employment? If the answer is ‘no’, then it makes sense to have your own policy, one which is not dependent upon your employer or employment. Moreover, your own independent policy is tailored to your individual circumstances and hence you get to choose the level of cover and when the policy expires.

A better way to work with your adviser

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Consult an expert from FW Group

The role of FW Group in PromiseLand is to leverage the experience and expertise of both companies to offer investors a bespoke, high-end wealth management solution, covering the full spectrum of Singapore’s financial services. Speak to one of our advisers about your plan.


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We know your personal data is precious, so we take great precautions protecting it. Including Microsoft Azure Certification, regular third party audits of our system and end-to-end encryption to assure confidentiality.

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